Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Just tap the frequently asked question (faq) to see the answer.

All properties such as apartments, dormitories, condominiums, rooms, bedspaces, house and lot are posted by our visitors. We have no constant communication with them. So, it is best to login, so that you can view their contact information if available. And inquire about the property. Be aware that there are two types of properties. For rent and for sale properties.

Once, you log in, you have the access to post on our FORUM. Make a post shout out by creating a new topic to the desired location category. Also, you can share your own topic on Facebook by using our quick share buttons.

So, to maintain our list current. Once, for rent properties have been approved. It stays on our site for 2 months. So, after that it will be deleted automatically. To keep our directory fresh and updated. Consequently, property owners may request to have their properties deleted. If, in any case it gets occupied and no longer available. While, the case for properties for selling, ranges from 1 to 3 months to expire, depending on their package.

Once, you log in, just select and classify your property. Whether it’s FOR RENT or FOR SALE. Also, if you’re feeling generous. Kindly consider and use our safe method gateway Paypal link at “DONATION SUPPORT” or you may contact us for other donation gateways. Any amount is appreciated to support the site. Additionally, to keep the site and continue our service for people looking for a place to stay.

First, we would appreciate all the help we could get. So, to maintain our service to the public. Also,we seek help as we need to keep up with the expenses. Especially, when maintaining a website like ours. Wherein, time and effort are also given to make our visitors happy. As well as to help the people looking for a place to rent or a property to buy.

Ofcourse we do. For more information, please visit this link for our media kit. Our AD Spaces are open for purchase with a required span on a minimum of 3 months. Also, discounted price are given for longer duration ADS. We offer a 5% (percent) renewal price. So, if you commit for a year, then we can grant a 10% (percent) off the yearly price.

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