How to Polarized Test Sunglasses Lenses : less than 1 minute

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It is important to do a 3 steps polarized test sunglasses lenses at home when we buy eyewear. Just to be safe from glares and sun UV rays protection for our eyes. This is to ensure and guarantee our protection from the sun or bright objects like headlights. The polarize lens would change color when rotated. As it filters the light during polarization. Here is a quick demo tutorial to guide you and find out if your glasses have polarized lenses.

What are the steps to do a Polarized Test?

How to polarized test sunglasses lenses at home?

Total Time: 1 minute

  1. 1. Place your sunglasses in front of a computer screen or mobile phone.

    How To Test The Polarization Of My Sunglasses

    Using the ultraviolet rays from your laptop or desktop computer screen. We can test if your sunglasses lenses are polarized. You may also use mobile phones that have glares or set to maximum brightness. For this test use a plain white photo or background image.

  2. Rotate sunglasses by 90 degrees, clockwise or counterclockwise.

    Rotate Sunglasses By 90 Degrees

    You can observe that the lenses will start to change color to a darker shade as you rotate it vertically to left or right. If it did not change in color. That means it is fake and non polarized.

  3. 3. Ultraviolet flashlight

    Flashlight In Front Of Sunglasses

    Bonus tool, if you have an ultraviolet flashlight you can use it on the lenses. If the passing light changes to white or light blue, then it is polarized. If it is still purple then it is non polarized. More tips and test given below this article.

Polarized Test Video Tutorial

To better show you, watch the short video below to find out how to do a polarized sunglass test by yourself. This polaroid check procedure can be finished within 1 minute. A simple 1 minute polarized test video tutorial.

In short, just rotate the angle while placing the lens in front of a bright light source. If it changes the color of the lens then it is polarized. Otherwise, if not, then it’s a fake. The UV400 lenses with polaroid film double coating will reduce the glare for crystal clear vision. So, to make sure you got the real deal for polarized sunglasses. We suggest buying only from authorized dealers online. You can check some of the best seller polaroid glasses from these legit sellers.

What are Polarized Lenses?

The materials of Polarized lenses are built with polaroid film. Consequently, through the process of laminating both sides of lenses by a chemical compound. So, the result is that the lenses deflect harmful blue lights or Ultraviolet rays. Most lens colours are available from, gray, brown and yellow lenses. But, manufacturers are bringing a new twist.

Polarized Lenses Colors
Polarized Lenses Colors

Also, some polarized sunglasses are now available in different colors. Night driving sunglasses usually have yellow lenses. This is to adjust and balance the brightness and darkness at night time. Thus, feel welcome to go back to this article to find out how to do a polarized test even at home.

Photo Of Polarized Test Demonstration
Photo Of Polarized Test Demonstration

What is the best lens color for sunglasses Passing Polarized Test?

If you are thinking about what is the best lens color for sunglasses and how to choose or pick the right one. The answer depends on what purpose are you going to use it for. It relies on what kind of activity or weather conditions. Through the following explanation, we’ll elaborate and guide you on choosing the right lens colour. You can also find below the best lens color for sunglasses depending on weather conditions.

  • Sunny
  • Partly Cloudy
  • Foggy or Hazy
  • Cloudy
  • Low Light
  • Snowy

1. Grey lenses

Ash colored lens will reduce too much amount of visible light. While still allowing for true color perception. Grey lenses are one of the most popular tints. But, these are the most effective when you wear them on sunny days against harsh glare. For this reason, grey lenses are popular for outdoor sports like golf, cycling, boating, race driving, and general outdoor use. When in doubt, go with grey lenses to cover for most of the outdoor activities.

2. Yellow or Orange lenses

The lemon or tangerine coloured lens will heighten contrast in low light conditions such as overcast weather or night time. Yellow or orange lenses will filter out harmful blue light to provide a clearer, sharper focus. These colors work best for outdoor sports like hunting, skiing, cycling, and indoor sports like hockey and racquetball. On sunny days, however, you might need a better tint for outdoor activities like brown or gray lenses. Avid or competitive PC or mobile gamers may also want to consider yellow or orange lenses. So, these lenses are great for indoor shooting or skeet as well. I personally use them inside the office.

3. Brown or Green lenses

Chocolate or Emerald colored lens can help you see in shadowy areas while reducing glare simultaneously. Green lenses transmit colors evenly, which are a solid choice for general outdoor use. Hence, regardless of the weather conditions, like grey lenses. Green lens sunglasses can be useful for virtually any outdoor sports. Also, these are frequently used for baseball and golf. Additionally, these are popular for water sports like angler fishing and boating. Also, these are great choices for shooting sports and skeet on outdoors.

4. Blue or Purple lenses

Sapphire or Indigo colored lens is a very stylish, popular choice. Aside from reducing glare, blue or purple lenses can help define contour edges and works well on cloudy or snowy days. Therefore, they are well suited for winter sports like skiing, snowboarding or sled, and any activities during the cold days.

5. Red or pink lenses

Cherry or peach colored lens will increase contrast by filtering blue light. Many drivers prefer red or pink lenses for greater road visibility and prolonged comfort. Although, these lenses might be rare to find among sunglasses. Simply because gray and yellow lenses are popular. Due to their all-purpose and all-day eye protection.

How much are polarized sunglasses?

So, the cost varies from as low as 3 dollars up to 300 dollars in price. Hence, it depends on the brand and country of manufacture. The design and materials are also a contributing factor to the price. Fashionable style polarized sunglasses are likely to be more expensive. Materials like titanium alloy and carbon fibre are some of the expensive materials. While, resin, steel, and aluminum are the less pricey option. Follow the button above to get good quality sunglasses based on customer reviews.

Difference between expensive Vs cheap polarized sunglasses

To begin with, the level of polarization is a significant difference. Thus, a lot of people think that the higher the price the better. But, that is not always the case. There are a few polarized sunglasses for about 150 dollars that comes with great quality.

Cheap Vs Expensive Sunglasses
Cheap Vs Expensive Sunglasses

So, the difference is that cheaper ones have a thin film of the polarizing film on a single side of lenses. While expensive ones have multi-layer of polarization film coated on both sides of lenses. The expensive and original polarized sunglasses even have a scratch-proof coating. Consequently, beware of fake and imitations.

What are the advantages of Polarized Sunglasses?

So, to make sure you get to get good benefits. Always check if your newly bought sunglasses are original. When buying, do a polarized test before leaving the shop.

  • Improves visual comfort
  • Improves contrast and visual clarity
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Allows for true perception of colors
  • Reduces reflections and eliminates glare
Polarize Vs Non Polarize Compared
Polarize Vs Non Polarize Compared

What are the disadvantages of Polarized Sunglasses?

Some people may experience dizziness. This is because of neurological or psychological issues. There are cases where individuals may feel disoriented or blurry vision. So, it may be similar to an allergic reaction like when you eat food. Or using a none hypoallergenic lotion to your skin. Experts find on research that the photoreceptor cell at the back of the eye is the root cause. It processes the light from polarized lenses differently. Moreover, the image that they see, feels like watching a 3D movie.

Also, another case is that it can interfere with the display on monitors built with liquid crystal LCD. There are some employees reporting that they can’t read the words and numbers in it. Some work requires analyzing data from a liquid crystal monitor. So, polarized sunglasses should be taken off when doing such a job.

Overview of this Polarized Test Article

Through this article, we learn how to do a polarized test even at home. Polarized Sunglasses are essential to bringing, especially for those with an active outdoor lifestyle. During day time, glares can make us squint frequently which could lead to accidents when driving. While the street lights during the night time will make us look away. Polarized sunglasses are the best tool to solve this. So, always consider doing a polarized sunglasses test when shopping. Want to read more articles about health? Check out more from these articles.

Eye Health
Eye Health

Want to share your ideas and opinions about the polarized test? Feel welcome to leave your comment below. Check our blog website articles at Apartments for Rent X Blog page. Also, kindly share this with your family and friends on Facebook for a discussion. – apartmentsforrentx team.

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