2020 New Year countdown clock timer online

Celebrate using our 2020 New Year countdown clock timer online. Let us all welcome 2020 with a bang as we say goodbye and bid farewell to 2019. Let us put to the past, for all the good times and bad times that happened last year. And let us start a brand new path that lies ahead for the next year 2020. For some, it could mean a new career, new love life or a new home or place to live in. What matters is that we all get a new start.

New Year Countdown Clock Timer Online
New Year Countdown Clock Timer Online

New Year countdown clock timer online

Feel welcome to use our 2020 New Year countdown clock timer online. Different generic countdown clock timers for different continents. Kindly refer based on the place you are in. New Year is celebrated worldwide across the globe. Different spot gatherings and fireworks display are observed internationally in different countries.

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Live concerts and parties are banging the streets during new year’s eve. Some popular cities and spots around the world celebrate the new year magnificently and greet with a bang. Namely, these places are the following.

  1. Opera House and Harbour Bridge in Sydney Australia
  2. Red Square in Moscow Russia
  3. Xinyi Commercial District in Taipei, Taiwan
  4. Central World Plaza in Bangkok Thailand
  5. Burj Khalifa in Dubai United Arab Emirates
  6. MAReSOL in Cape Town, South Africa
  7. Champs-Elysées in Paris France
  8. MV Edwardian at the Thames in London United Kingdom
  9. Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
  10. Times Square in Manhattan New York

Where is the first country to celebrate New Year Countdown

The first country to celebrate the New Year Countdown is Kiribati Island located in the center of the Pacific Area where people of Micronesia resides. While the second place to celebrate the New Year is the island of Tonga. It is an island that is near to Hawaii and New Zealand.

Where is the last country to celebrate New Year Countdown

Technically, the last country to celebrate New Year Countdown is the United States and territories. Which happens to be an Island in Salem, Massachusetts Bay. While, the second to the last country to celebrate New Year is American Samoa, an extended territory of the United States of America.

New Year History Background

According to history, the earliest celebration of New Year was celebrated in the ruins and city of Babylonia located in Mesopotamia. Which we now call Iraq as the Modern name. The Babylonians celebrate it every first full moon of an equinox. 

Later on, the celebration of New Year evolves during the Roman Times. As, Julius Caesar who was then an emperor of Rome, introduced the Julian Calendar. While it simply resemble the Gregorian Calendar which we now use today to celebrate New Year 2020.

New Year Celebration and Reunion

All New Year Celebration and different countries are welcomed by fireworks, parties, and noises by different people of all ages. Also, just like Christmas Day Celebration, people reunite with their family, friends and loved ones, to celebrate the New Year together. In some cultures, it is believed that whoever is with you during that midnight shall be your companion all throughout the year.

Celebrate New Year Countdown With Loved Ones
Celebrate New Year Countdown With Loved Ones

Why New Year is important and celebrated

It has been a tradition to celebrate each year, the New Year ahead. But, we may come to think why the New Year is important and celebrated. The beginning of the year symbolizes a fresh start for sort of all things. Aside from the fact that we love parties and celebrations. It is a good way to bid goodbye to the previous year for whatever failures or success it brought to us. Because somehow we learned lessons from our failures. While it brought inspiration for our success for the year ahead. No matter what, we should do better what lies ahead.

Also, it is in the custom belief that making noises and fireworks causing flares do cast evil or bad spirits away. So, this belief might have passed on from our ancestors. Hence,  the modern world brought a new twist to it. For some, it is like an extension holiday of Xmas Season. So, who cares for the reason. But, as long as we are happily celebrating the New Year Countdown with our friends, family and loved ones that are indeed fine.

How New Year is celebrated around the World

No matter what gender, color or age you have, we are common in a way on how we celebrate the New Year. We stay wide awake to wait for midnight where we celebrate with a bang of noises and fireworks. We party, eat and drink till dawn.

However, in some religions and cultures, they do have a different perspective about New Year. Namely, these are the list with different New Year Celebration.

  • Chinese – Lunar New Year
  • Korean – Seollal
  • Iranian – Nowruz
  • Indian Tamil – Puthandu
  • Jewish – Rosh Hashanah
  • Muslim – Raʼs as-Sanah al-Hijrīyah

Chinese New Year 2020 date

This coming January 25, 2020, on a Saturday, marks the Chinese Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year. They greet each other with “Gong Hei Fat Choy”. This is the day where the Chinese give monetary gifts to family, friends and loved ones on a red packet. This red envelope is commonly known as “Hongbao” which symbolizes good fortune or good luck.

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Also, Chinese do serve a delicacy, called Nian Gao. It is a sweet rice cake wrapped in an egg coating. They commonly call it a “moon cake”. All china towns in every country come lively on this day, celebrating with a fireworks display and Pok Fu Lam Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance.

Gong Hei Fat Choy Chinese New Year Countdown
Gong Hei Fat Choy Chinese New Year Countdown

Korean Seollal

On the 25th of January, the year  2020, Korean families get together for a traditional celebration of New Year or Seollal. The day of the lunar calendar is the same date as the Chinese New Year celebration. Koreans wear colorful costumes called “Hanbok” are worn while serving a tea ceremony called “Charye”.

Iranian Nowruz New Year

On March 20, 2020, on a Friday, the start of Spring Season or Nowruz is special for the Iranians. The day usually falls under Northward Equinox during the month of March. This celebration comes to life with herald trumpets. Also, they color eggs like the way we do during an Easter Egg Festival. Meal served is a noodle-soup called “Ash-e Reshteh”.

Indian Tamil Puthandu

The date of April 14, 2020, falling on a Tuesday is special for Southern India among the Tamil people. As well as other natives living in Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia. It marks the first Hindu Calendar day. They celebrate this day by wearing new clothes and preparing a tray filled with fruits. Also, they light their altar and a prayer ceremony called “Puja”.

Jewish Rosh Hashanah New Year

From Friday on September 18, 2020, through Sunday, September 20, 2020, is the duration of Rosh Hashanah. The Jewish New Year follows the beginning after the 7 days creation according to the bible on Genesis chapter. Honey and apples are served among families in Israel and other parts of the Middle East countries.

Muslim Raʼs as-Sanah al-Hijrīyah New Year

Starting August 19, 2020, a Wednesday until the evening of Thursday, August 20, 2020, is the period of Raʼs as-Sanah al-Hijrīyah. Or commonly the Islam version of New Year. As it is known that this marks the starting month of the Muslim Calendar or called “Muharram”.

Indonesian Islamic Muslim New Year Countdown Celebration
Indonesian Islamic Muslim New Year Countdown Celebration

How did New Year resolution started and history?

Around 4 millennials ago, according to records on New Year History, the Babylonians were the first to celebrate the New Year festival. It is on a long-running 12 days religious tribute. During this time, called Akitu, they swear to the gods to pay any debts they had. As well as returning things that they borrow from their neighbors and friends. Because they believe that by fulfilling their New Year resolution, their Gods would bless them. Otherwise, failing to do so may face them consequences like a curse from their Gods.

Are New Year’s resolution effective?

In my humble opinion, the basis on how effective New Year’s resolution entirely depends on the person’s motivation to fulfill it.  According to common observation on facts that around 70% fail to commit to their New Year resolution. But, what are the common promises tat people do set every New Year? By doing some surveys, we selected the top 8 common promises. Let’s have a look at each of them.

  • Proper Diet and Exercise Weight Loss by going to the gym
  • Saving money and less spending on shopping madness
  • Quit vices and bad habits like (smoking and alcoholic drinking)
  • More time to bond with family and friends
  • Being neat and more organized on your things
  • Go on a vacation and travel
  • Be nice to everyone
  • Go wiser in love and dating (taking it slow)

Proper Diet and Exercise Weight Loss by going to the gym

I know most of you can relate. Or maybe this has been the party of your New Year resolution before. Commonly, we swear to eat healthy food and stay away from fatty and sweet foods. Also, in addition to this idea, we tend to promise to go to the gym and exercise. However, after the first quarter of the year, most of us fail to continue.

Why? Because end up giving in to our cravings and go back on eating unhealthy foods. Adding up is the urge of being lazy to go to the gym on a regular basis.

Proper Diet And Exercise Weight Loss By Going To The Gym
Proper Diet And Exercise Weight Loss By Going To The Gym

Saving money and less spending on shopping madness

If you are smiling while reading this, then you are guilty as charged. You know what, I may be guilty too. As I once promised to buy only the things and stuff that I need. We tend to promise to save our money and allowance. So, instead of spending like shopping on clothes, bags, perfume, toys and more, we wanted to keep the money instead. Yet, this tends to be another epic failure.

Why? Because we can’t resist when we hear about “buy one take one”. It is like music to our ears. Adding the word “discount” contributes to failure with that temptation. Do you know what’s the final blow? The term “clearance sale”, because we know all products are at a bargain price.

Quit vices and bad habits this year

After celebrating a Happy New Year Countdown. Some of us get some realization as we reflect the previous year. Well, everyone wants to change for the better. So, making a vow to quit your vice and bad habits can be a struggle. So, there is some certain point, when we feel it has to stop. Normally this applies to the following.

  • smoking
  • drinking liquor
  • alcoholic beverages
  • addictive gaming
  • swearing and cursing bad words
  • biting fingernails
  • hair picking
  • too much social media
  • overtime watching porn
  • not taking a bath every day
  • and too much more to mention ……

Only to know it’s another broken New Year’s resolution. Why? Because as the saying goes, “old and bad habits die hard”. We tend to keep doing things that we used to do Could be that bad habits have been our comfort zone.

More time to bond spend time with family and friends

It is gathering up with our family and friends during a Happy New Year Countdown. Oftentimes, because of our busy schedule. We get to spend less time to bond with our family and friends. Only to realize that it is also important to give them attention. Otherwise, you may feel a little bit of guilt, not being able to do so. And we would swear ti make it up to them.

The sad part is that this may be out of our control. Seems that there are certain times wherein we are tied with our other commitments. It could be at school overloaded with projects and stuff like thesis or reporting. Or maybe at work doing overtime to meet a deadline for a current task.

More Time To Bond Spend time With Family And Friends
More Time To Bond With Family And Friends

Being neat and more organized on your things

Because it may have been a habit since childhood that we got accustomed to leaving things and stuff just anywhere. Or it could also refer to a mixed-up schedule on your task which you had a hard time to manage your schedule. And you think that you need to be more oriented on dealing with this and be organized on things or schedule management.

It could work during the first part. But, you may end up failing to do it consistently. Certain things like you get confusing if things are well kept on certain spots when you arrange your things. Or you may have a hard time organizing your schedule priority because you are not really good at keeping an eye for time management.

Go on a vacation and travel

We feel like we need to pamper ourselves after accomplishing may be a hard task at work. So, we feel like it’s about time to unwind and release the stress that built up over time. Consequently, we resort to planning to go on vacation and travel. But, it could turn up to be another remained unchecked on your New Year resolution bucket list.

Why? Because there may be some other reasons that refrain you to do so. Like, budget issues where you thought spending it on much more important stuff is much smarter to do. Or there may be other commitments that are in conflict with your planning schedule.

Go On A Vacation And Travel
Go On A Vacation And Travel

Be nice to everyone

Some of us may be grumpy if stressed out at work or having too many problems at school or at home. And we get the impression of being rude by others because of this behaviour. So, we feel that we should be nice to everyone around us.

The reason that we may be unable to fail this resolution is that if we are having difficulty dealing with other people. The problem may be with them because they might really bear a bad attitude and personality. Or it’s just us that we tend to push people away, thinking that they might not accept who we really are.

Go wiser in love and dating (taking it slow)

Some of us are unlucky in love and get heartbroken at a certain point in our lives. And we think that the next time, we should go wiser in love and dating by taking it slow. But, this happens to be another failure on our New Year resolution bucket list.

Why? Because it’s kinda too late when we realize that we are in love again. Repeating the same mistake as being a fool again. So, it is best to have someone like our friends and family to help us call our attention when we feel like repeating the same mistake twice.

Now moving on with our list, is the music theme that we usually hear after waiting for New Year countdown clock timer online to end.

New Year Theme Song Music Playlist

Here are some of the best and popular New Year Theme Song to top your playlist. Go and play some of these music lists while waiting to celebrate a Happy New Year Countdown.

  • Auld Land Syne – The Drifters
  • Happy New Year – Abba
  • New Year’s Day – Taylor Swift
  • New Years Day – U2
  • The Final Countdown – Europe
  • This Is the New Year – A Great Big World
  • New Years Day – Pentatonix
New Year Theme Song Music Playlist
New Year Theme Song Music Playlist

Is New Year A Federal Holiday?

In most countries, yes it is. Mostly it is a global celebration. Only a few cultures do celebrate New Year on a different day or month. Hence, the world usually marks it a regular nationwide federal holiday.

Are banks open on New Year’s eve?

It usually depends on the bank’s policy. But, the majority of the banks are open the first half of the day on a New Year’s eve. And they are usually closed from 1 pm of December 31 up until the entire day of January 1. Regular opening hours resume on January 2. So for the meantime, make use of an ATM to do your regular bank transactions. Online Banking can be convenient too if your bank supports it. Another tip is to withdraw the funds you need or complete your other bank transactions as early as December 30.

Do restaurants open on New Year’s eve?

The majority of restaurants are open on New year’s eve and some even on New Year’s Day. But, some fine dining restaurants do close as early as the New Year’s eve. To get better chances, go for restaurants inside the hotels or fast-food restaurants. Or, if you have their phone number, better to make reservations or inquire if they are open on that day.

Are shops open New Year’s day?

Private outlets are usually closed during New Year’s Day. But, shops inside the malls are usually open. The majority of the stores anticipate year starter grocery and shopping among the customers. Only a minority or few shops prefer to be closed during this day. Most likely, bigger companies would open because they can afford to pay their employees for additional hours of benefit.

Is Walmart and SM Malls open on New Year’s day?

Like other malls with nationwide branches, Walmart remains to be open for the eve and New Year’s day itself. The same thing goes for ShoeMart SM Malls where they will be open this day. Unlike for Walmart during Christmas day where they might prefer to be closed. So, don’t be gloomy about being stuck with what remains among your food or groceries item at home.

Some New Year quotes for everyone

This is the time to say goodbye and a time to say hello. The day to bid farewell and the day to look forward. A moment to let go and a moment to learn new things. This is what New Year brings us upon.

– This time we’ll make it right

When the New Year comes, it is neither an end nor a beginning. But an unending flow of wisdom and experience that remains in us, for the years to come.

– Lessons learned

New Year signifies a new life. So, decide today on who you will become or what will you give. And most importantly, on how you will live.

Live life to the fullest

If you can’t fly then run forward. But if you can’t run then walk forward. So, if you can’t walk then crawl forward. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward as the year goes by.

– Keep moving on

Each New Year, we see the time that ticks away and realizes what is more important in each year and day passed. It is not the parties we celebrate. But it is wonderful to treasure the relationships we have with our family and friends.

– Appreciate what you have

We are all similar in a way this New Year because we all get to start to have 365 days ahead. But, the difference is among us, on how we use our days.

– Make a difference

Celebrate endings because they start a new beginning. Cheers to a new year ahead to another chance for us to get it right.

– Fresh Start
Maligayang Bagong Taon
Maligayang Bagong Taon

Thoughts On 2020 New Year Countdown Clock Timer Online

Let us all say goodbye to this year and wait using our 2020 New Year countdown clock timer online for the year ahead. Wishing you and your family good health. Happy New Year ahead of you.

We all hope you enjoyed reading our 2020 New Year Countdown Clock Timer Online Want to share your ideas and opinions? Feel welcome to leave your comment below. Also, kindly share this with your family and friends on Facebook for a discussion. – apartmentsforrentx team.

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