25 Sad heartbreak quotes and how to move on

We would like to share with you our 25 Sad Heartbreak Quotes And 10 Tips on How To Move On. Being heartbroken is not the end of everything. But, take it as a moral lesson to improve your next relationship. “Intense distress that kicks in one-two weeks after the heartbreaking event is normal,” It typically lasts two to four weeks at an intense level and then at one month begins to slowly subside.

25 Sad Heartbreak Quotes And How To Move On
25 Sad Heartbreak Quotes And How To Move On

If you can work, go to school. Find the reason to laugh, smile and experience some level of joy even for a short while within a month of the breakup, it is running its natural course. Anything from three-four weeks that hasn’t moved forward deserves extra attention from professional guidance.” So if time doesn’t seem to be healing your heart on its own. It’s likely time to seek other ways to work through the pain. Now, let’s proceed with our Sad Heartbreak Quotes and How to Move On agenda.

The 25 best pick sad heartbreak quotes

1. Love is never lost if the person did not love you back when you expect it the most.

2. Sad truth hurts, how often a heart must be broken. Before it makes your brain wiser when in love.

3. Most advice to get over a heartbreak is to cry, eat, hot bath and good night sleep.

4. Breakups and separation are like an amputation. They cut a part of you and survive it. But, you will always feel there is a part of you that was taken away.

5. Sometimes, when you are missing the person you love. It seems like you are the only person left in this world.

6. Never allow someone to be your top priority. While allowing them to set you as an option.

7. When your heart is broken. You plant seeds in it. While you pray for rain to fall. Hoping to grow and nurture the love back again.

8. Pretty amazing that the emotion of love that breaks your heart. It is the same emotion of love that heals your heart again.

9. One can heal a broken heart. But, we wait for someone to pick up all the pieces to bring it back together.

10. When your heart is broken. It is like suffering from a broken rib. Nobody can see it. But, it hurts every moment you breathe.

11. My lips say, “I am alright.” My fingers text, “I am okay.” My brain says, “I am fine.” My heart says, “I am broken.”

12. I laughed a lot because of you. Then I believed in love because of you. And now I’m heartbroken because of you. Now, I cry at night because of you. But, today I am stronger and wiser because of you.

Relationship Problem Separation Anxiety
Relationship Problem Separation Anxiety

13. I will never regret or ever say, I wish I would have never met you. Because once upon a time in my life. You were exactly what I needed.

14. Behind my sweet smile is a broken heart. And behind my eyes, I am tearing apart. Behind my laugh are sorrows at night. While inside me is a soul trying to fight.

15. It doesn’t mean. just because I am strong enough to handle pain. That I deserved to be left unwanted and be broken by you.

16. If one day you start to miss me. Just keep in mind that I did not walk away. But, you just let me go, a person who once loved you so.

17. Before you weren’t just a star to me. But, you were my starry night sky. Now, all I see about you is a cloudy dark sky.

18. Every night I realize and try to tell myself that I am strong. Why? Because I survived another day without you.

19. It takes a strong heart to love. But, it takes a much stronger heart to love again, after it has been hurt.

20. I wish that the love and time wasted that I gave you. Was given to people around me like my family and friends more deserving than you.

21. If I text you and never replied, it’s okay. Also, If I called you and ignored or rejected them, it’s okay. But, I hope It’s okay if one day I suddenly forget about you.

22. Sometimes I feel jealous seeing you with another person. But when I remembered what you did to me. I feel sorry for them to be your next victim.

23. In a few words, I can express what I learned from our relationship and life after it. “That it keeps on going and then it moves on”.

24. Sometimes the difficult part is not about letting go. But rather learning how to start over again.

25. To be happy. Just let go of what hurt you. But, never forget the lesson it taught you.

Short Sad Love Story Movie Flix

Here is a short Short Sad Love Story Movie Flix that some of you could relate into.

7 Stages of Heart Broken Failed Relationship

Now, that we have tackled the first part of our Sad Heartbreak Quotes and How to Move On. Let us talk about the stages that we typically undergo.

  1. Sorrow – this is what your initial reaction after a separation break up
  2. Denial – still not believing it happened, felt so unreal
  3. Acceptance – starting to sink into your mind that is over
  4. Letting Go – trying to start to let go of hate and sadness
  5. Healing – forgiving the person and especially yourself
  6. Moving On – starting over to trust again carefully this time
  7. Be happy – Pamper yourself and do whatever makes you happy
Break Up Love Story
Break Up Love Story

Dealing with heartbreak

Learning how to deal with your heartbreak can be slow and confusing. So, somehow we hope that our 25 Sad Heartbreak Quotes And How To Move On will be your guide. But, there are still important signs to keep in mind so that you can tell if your heartbreak is becoming something more serious. “When you’re heartbroken, you’re grieving the loss of an important person in your life and the loss of your dreams for the future that included that person.” 

But it can be really hard to tell if your grief looks “normal.” How, for example, do you know whether your negative thoughts are better suited to be shared with a friend or a therapist? And how can you tell if your marathon-watching is healing, or starting to look like depression? Now, moving on to our serious part on our Sad Heartbreak Quotes and How to Move On article.

Signs that heartbreak is leading to depression

  • You Feel Physically ill like frequent headaches
  • Insomnia having difficulty sleeping at night
  • Avoiding to talk and meet your friends
  • Frequent overtime at work even if unnecessary
  • Refusing to date again for too long like 2 years or so
Heart Break Broken Dreams Depression
Heart Break Broken Dreams Depression

Again, the length of time of all of these symptoms are part of the essence of understanding whether you’re experiencing typical heartbreak, or falling into something more serious. “Sure, you feel all the feels, but are you still able to keep up with your life? If the answer is ‘no’ for any length of time, that would be a reason to seek help,” Do not let Depression take you. Have this Sad Heartbreak Quotes and How to Move On article be your guide.

Tips on how to move on from a heartbreak

1. Go on that vacation even if it’s by yourself.

“Getting away to an exotic location or somewhere peaceful is a potent source of distraction,” says therapist Rev. Sheri Heller. What’s better than lounging beachside vacation with a good book, frozen drank, and the ocean waves? Talk about self-care.

2. Rearrange your home.

Get rid of all those bad memories. “A new look creates space for new memories. Purge your relationship junk drawer. Yes, this includes that ticket stub you’ve kept from your first date. “You don’t need the reminders of a relationship that didn’t work out”

3. Write hate mail to your ex.

But don’t actually send it (and tell your sister not to either, à la Lara Jean). “The caveat is not to mail the letter but to do a ceremonial burning to get rid of the toxic energy,”

4. Be active and hang out on outdoors.

It’s a cliché, but fresh air really does clear your head. So does, you know, seeing the sun every once in a while. Take at least two hours from each day just to leave your Cave of Forgotten Dreams and interact with The Outside.

5. Know it’s okay to rely on your family and friends.

Breakups can make even the strongest people feel like they’re worthless or not good enough. Hang out with people who appreciate you and remind you of what a good person you are. “This is when having a strong support network is essential because friends can show you that you still matter and that you still belong,”

A significant person says. “When your self-esteem is at an all-time low, these are the people who can help empower you while you work on defining your own self-worth.”

6. Don’t try to get them back, instead get yourself back.

Get some solid book recs, join a pickup sports game, go on a trip somewhere with a girlfriend. Avoid crossing paths with them by not going to invites to parties to one of your common friends.

7. Take warm baths.

Baths are half wallowing and half cleansing/pampering and thus are perfect for breakups. When’s the last time you really filled up your tub (clean it first, please) and have a good soak with a glass (bottle) of wine? Showers are not for the recently dumped.

8. Stop blaming yourself.

It’s not your fault. It wasn’t that you weren’t good enough for them in any way. There is no such thing. That is false.

9. Focus on new hobbies.

Find a diversion by focusing on your passion like hobbies. For example mountain climbing, painting, biking and something similar. Eventually, you’ll be surprised finding that you had forgotten all the bad memories for as long as you ignore the bitterness.

10. Foodtrip is the key.

Our food cravings can always be a good distraction. BUT DO NOT EAT TOO MUCH. Or you might end up regretting the effects later on. Hahaha. Just eat the food you loved the most. For example, you’ve been craving for caviar which is too expensive that you would not buy before. Why not save up and spoil yourself for once to get the feeling of being pampered.

Tips How To Move On And Sad Heartbreak Quotes

Summary on our 25 heartbreak quotes and tips how to move on

So, that ends our 25 Sad Heartbreak Quotes And How To Move On. All the rest is up to you on how to move on from a heartbreak. It is not wrong to cry and feel the sorrow to let all the pain out.  But, all I’m saying is that you cannot stay for long crying over spilled milk. Know that life goes on and if you don’t keep up. Chances are your life gets miserable and it’s not because your ex hurt you.

But, because you gave up on life. And didn’t rely on people who care for you and willing to help you. Just like your family and trusted friends who will always be there for you when you need them. We hope you enjoyed reading our 25 Sad Heartbreak Quotes And How To Move On. Want to share your ideas and opinions? Feel welcome to leave your comment below. Also, kindly share this with your family and friends on Facebook for a discussion. – apartmentsforrentx team.

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