Are Dubery Sunglasses Any Good By Review

Jan 14 2020

Dubery Sunglasses UV400 Polarized Lenses

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The company brand of Dubery Sunglasses UV400 Polarized Lenses dedicates to produce high-quality eyewear. The materials are Aviation Grade which is also used for Pilots’ eyewear. This is to ensure that your eyes are protected with the special Polaroid film coating on both sides of the lenses. If you love doing sports activities like Fishing, Cycling, Trekking, Hiking, Playing Outdoor sports like Beach Volleyball Tennis, Golf or even Driving. Dubery sunglasses have the great features of UV Polarized glasses to give comfort and protection your eyes needs.

Logo Dubery Sunglasses Uv400 Polarized Lenses Review

Dubery Sunglasses Review

Based on different online reviews. We also decided to take a closer look at their products due to their recent popularity. In this Dubery Sunglasses Review, we’ll provide most of the complete information you need about their eyewear. They offer products ranging from Sport Sunglasses, Classic fashionable and stylish sunglasses for Men and Women. Also, they recently offer some of the trendy frames like the Aviator, Oversize sunglasses, Shield type, Cat Eye, Tortoiseshell, Night Driving glasses, Motorbikers shades, Vintage collection and even with Rhinestones and Swarovski crystals frame.

Dubery Sunglasses Review

At a very affordable price, Dubery Sunglasses UV400 Polarized Lenses do not compromise their top quality eyewear. Unlike, for most brands wherein cheap sunglasses have low quality. While high-quality sunglasses are very expensive. With Dubery sunglass it is definitely not the case. You get the best of both worlds in terms of quality and price.

Dubery Original Vs Fake Difference

Due to it’s cheaper price and popularity, a lot of manufacturers are making pirated versions. These fake counterfeit items with Dubery imitation have less quality and will break in a short period of time. Cheap sunglasses would turn your money into waste. So, to avoid being scammed, we will provide a short guide and tutorial to differentiate an authentic original Dubery sunglasses from a fake one.

Polarized Test Tutorial Guide And Video.

– Apartments for Rent X

Who Makes Dubery Sunglasses?

They are a group of friends and business enthusiasts who share the same passion for sunglasses as well as the outdoors. Their goal is to provide affordable and cheap (not the quality but the price) sunglasses. The Dubery sunglass brand is under V2RX Eyewear And Accessories LLC company located in Brighton, Colorado, USA.

Are Dubery sunglasses made in China?

The answer is yes. Well, I cannot blame in case you wonder if Dubery Sunglasses are any Good. Despite the fact that Dubery glasses are made in China, customers are still guaranteed good quality. These designs are Italy inspired frames that undergo quality control to ensure each product’s quality. So, the reason they decided to manufacture in China is to lower their labor costs. This is to maintain the low product price affordability of their eyewear. Otherwise, let’s say for example they are to manufacture in Italy. The price may be double, triple or even 4x higher than its current price today.

Model type selection for various need

Dubery Sunglasses UV400 Polarized Lenses are available in colors like Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Black, Gray, White, Purple Violet, and Brown. They have a different selection of frames fit for different face shapes like round, oval, elongated, square or heart-shaped faces. Some of their popular models are D518, D008, D120, D620, D918, D2071.

Bestseller by Popular demand

We conducted a survey on what model has the highest sale and most searched product online among the sports sunglasses of Dubery. Guess what we found out.

Dubery Sunglasses D620

The transparent frame together with multiple color selection of polarized lenses. That is what features this Green Dubery Sunglasses D620 to be one of the top products based on our review. It is also lightweight which is important for any kind of activity. It is available for purchase on any local online shopping store like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba for America and Europe. It is also available on Shopee and Lazada for Asian countries.

Green Dubery Sunglasses D620
Green Dubery Sunglasses D620

Dubery Men’s Polarized Sunglasses

Let us take a look at some of the popular Dubery sunglasses for men. These kinds of sunglasses are a perfect fit for gentlemen which gives that strong personality in you.

Camo Sunglasses

The military camouflage print is what makes the frame very distinct. It gives you the vibe of that masculine soldier look. So, if you have a soldier’s heart, these are right for you.

Mens Polarized Camo Sunglasses

Oversize Goggles

These kinds of sunglasses may nob be for an everyday look. As the oversized goggles are mainly used as a fashion accent or during winter days if you do snow sports.

Dubery Oversize Goggles Sunglasses For Men

Dubery Women’s Polarized Sunglasses

Unleash your feminine aura by taking one of these Dubery sunglasses for women. These are the best selling products among women. They tend to match outfits for special occasions.

Tortoise frame

The alternating print of reddish light brown to a dark shade of brown. It gives the tortoiseshell look on you by its gradient colors. It matches an outfit for eveningwear like a gown or dress. Giving that classy sophisticated look.

Womens Tortoise Frame Sunglasses

Cat Eye frame

For bold characters, the Cat Eye frame is one of the eye-catching trendy sunglasses today. It matches leather or furry outfit. The best option if want to grab attention during parties.

Dubery Cat Eye Frame Sunglasses For Women

Unisex for him and her

These kinds of frames are safe to be worn by everyone. These Unisex sunglasses are great for him or her if you are to buy them as a gift. Some of these are also budget-friendly.

Classic Sports sunglasses

It is typically square or rectangular frame shape. With various selections on frame colors. A list of tints includes Orange, Pink, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Purple Violet, Brown, Gray, Black, and White.

Unisex Classic Sports Sunglasses For Him And Her

Night Driving glasses

These are in standard yellow tint lenses with a variation on the frame colors. The Yellow lens provides a balance between light and darkness in your surroundings, especially at night.

Dubery Night Driving Glasses

Semi rimless frame

The half-rimmed glasses are one of the classic looks today. Semi-rimless frames are similar to Aviator sunglasses when it comes to crowd favorites. Definitely must-try eyewear.

Unisex Semi Rimless Sunglasses For Him And Her

Aviator sunglasses

The style brought by Aviator Sunglasses is never-ending. Before until now, these eyewear remains on-trend. It never runs out of fashion. They can match almost any outfit.

Dubery Aviator Sunglasses Frame

Rare Limited Edition Glasses

The most sought after designs, which may be difficult to find nowadays online. These are rare limited edition glasses which are very distinct because of the great design of each frame.

Green Vintage Polarized Sunglasses

During the 1980s and early 1990s, these frames were a competitor of the aviator glasses. They are also light in weight like the Aviator with that style of minimalist designed frames.

Dubery Vintage Polarized Sunglasses

Rhinestones embed

The limited edition of these rhinestones embedded frame is difficult to find nowadays. The crystals bring a fashion runway model vibe. Or perhaps a movie star on a red carpet look.

Rare Limited Edition Glasses Rhinestones Crystals

Retro Vintage Polarized round

These sunglasses reminds me of the nostalgic Harry Potter days. The Symbolic round frame glasses combined with the oakwood colored frame with rainbow crayon accents in it.

Dubery Retro Vintage Round Glasses

Packaging Box Inclusives

With every purchase of Dubery Sunglasses UV400 Polarized Lenses it contains these.

  • Dubery Polarized Sunglasses of your choice
  • Hard Case
  • Soft Pouch
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Polarized Image Tester Card
D Packaging Box Inclusives

What is the price of Dubery Sunglasses UV400 Polarized Lenses?

It depends on a few factors, like where you bought them. Most Dubery retailers and wholesalers get a discount from the manufacturer. Thus, being able to offer their customers at a cheaper cost. To give you an idea, the cheapest cost is around 5 US dollars. While the most expensive one could be around $80 in price.

Dubery Sunglasses Size Chart

To know the exact fit for your sunglasses based on face shape. Take a look at our chart below. Measure each side of the frames horizontally. It is considered that 49 to 54 mm are the framers meant for medium faces. Anything lower than these is ideal for small faces. While bigger than this size are considered good for wide faces. Ideally Dubery Sunglasses UV400 Polarized Lenses are perfect for medium faces. But if you prefer bigger sunglasses for small faces. Or prefer petite sunglasses for wide faces, then this eyewear suits you.

Their Official Website

To tell you frankly, there is nothing much to see on their official website. As weird as it may sound, their other frame models may not be available on their website. Most of their products are distributed by their retailers, wholesalers, and franchisees. I would suggest for you to instead go looking on popular online shopping websites.

For example, if you are in America or Australia, eBay and Amazon would be your best choice. While you can visit Lazada and Shopee if you are in Asia. Also, some sites like Alibaba do offer to ship to other parts of the world like Europe and the Middle East. The majority of these sites offer free shipping.

Warranty Satisfaction Guarantee

Only sunglasses bought from Dubery’s official website is covered by their 1-year warranty. If you bought your sunglasses from other merchants or distributors. Warranty restrictions apply based on the merchant’s terms and conditions.

They also have a social media account like Facebook. You can also search for their new arrival models or recent releases through their hashtag on #Instagram.

Payment Methods

Quick payments like PayPal, Credit and Debit cards are the safest method to make a payment. We suggest using the first one and the reason why we recommend you use PayPal is that it is trackable. By using your PayPal, you can easily track the status of your payment. And in certain cases, refunds are quicker to request and to process. Also, you can use Paypal without having an account with them.

Cancellation Of Order

All orders have a grace period for canceling orders until they are shipped out. Although, if your order is paid and you need to change something or cancel it. You need to contact the shop within the next 2-12 hours. Otherwise, you could no longer cancel your order.

Policy For Refunds And Exchange

Policy for Refunds and Exchange

The following below are eligible for a refund.

  • You did not receive the item within 50 days.
  • The wrong item was delivered to you.
  • Unsatisfied with the product (return cost at your expense).

These next refund criteria are not eligible based on refund policies.

  • If you did not receive the item because you placed the wrong address.
  • The order did not arrive due to customs or delayed by a calamity (ex, typhoon).

The free shipping is catered by logistics delivery service for stocks coming from China warehouse, like ePacket or EMS. While stocks that are sent from the USA warehouse are delivered through USPS. They serve products and deliver to more than 200 countries worldwide. However, there are some countries that are unable to ship due to customs policy or no courier is available for that route.

Customs Disclaimer

Dubery is not responsible for any custom fees added during shipping. By purchasing any Dubery Sunglasses UV400 Polarized Lenses permit packages may be subject to incur custom fees. This is mandated by the law upon arrival in your country.

Shipping Time Frame For Deliveries

Shipping times are different based on location. Below are the estimated time frames.

We recommend adding 2-5 business days of processing time.

Location and Expected Time frame

  • United States 10-30 working days
  • Canada, Europe 10-30 working days
  • Australia, New Zealand 10-30 working days
  • Mexico, Central America, South America 15-30 working days
  • Maximum delivery time – 45 working days

*Working days are from Mondays through Fridays with the exception of Holidays.

Delivery Tracking Notification

By the time that your order is shipped out. You will then receive an email including your order tracking number. For logistics reasons, items may be sent in multiple packages due to weight or size restriction of each logistics delivery courier service.

If you have other questions or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact their support team for better assistance.

Are Dubery sunglasses any good?

Considering the price for an authentic polarized sunglasses, yes. Because I found Dubery Sunglasses to provide an anti glare UV400 polarized lenses. In line with the fashionable selection for frame shapes and color variation. I am quite impressed on how popular it has been for younger generations. Perhaps it’s because Dubery sunglasses are good for any activities.

Are Dubery Sunglasses Any Good By Review
Are Dubery Sunglasses Any Good By Review

Why purchase Dubery Sunglasses UV400 Polarized Lenses?

Aside from its cheap price, these are one of the affordable polarized sunglasses that you could buy in the market today. These budget-friendly Dubery Sunglasses UV400 Polarized Lenses are guaranteed to protect your eyes from glare, wind, and dirt or dust.

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