Pacsun Collection Pacific Sunwear Jeans And Pants

Mar 08 2020

PacSun Pacific Sunwear

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PacSun or Pacific Sunwear is a company brand for sunglasses or accessories and clothing apparel. They are focused on delivering a wide collection of the most recent brands and fashionable style collection to the community. Their market for customers is mostly for youth individuals specifically the Millenials. Bestsellers include jogger pants and fog PacSun drawstring pants.

Pacsun Logo Pacific Sunwear

An overview of PacSun

The company brand sells daily lifestyle apparel like shirts, jackets hoodies on top. While jeans and shorts for the bottom. Along with footwear, sunglasses and accessories are well designed for teens and young adults. In the year 2017, PacSun operates in over 600 branches in all 50 states of America and Puerto Rico. The PacSun headquarters HQ is located in Anaheim, California. While, it operates a supplier center in Olathe, Kansas. All of the company’s directors, managers, and shops are situated all throughout the United States.

Pacsun Collection Pacific Sunwear Jeans And Pants

Today, Pacific Sunwear is under the ownership of Golden Gate Capital, which is a private equity firm based in San Francisco, California. PacSun started to offer products for both men and women in general. Product variations include different merchandise. Stuff like jeans, t-shirts, pants, dresses, tanks, polos, skirts, sweaters, jackets and hoodies. Since they started a shop along the coastlines, their in-demand clothing products are mainly, boardshorts, bikinis, and shorts. Complimentary to their shoes, sandals, sunglasses, and accessories of merchandise collection at their shop.

Product Review for Pacsun Products

The objective of PacSun is to implement a trendy, cool, and youthful vibe on their products. Let us take a deeper look at their product reviews. The company brand wants to provide the latest and hottest trends for winter or summer outfits and swimwear. When you visit Pacific Sunwear’s shopping site, you can see that it is filled with items that reflect the laid back and chill vibe. This is probably why most youths have been one of their frequent customers. But, one of their common biggest issues among clients’ feedback is that PacSun has such terrible customer service according to their statement review.

Pacsun Product Review And Ratings

Customers are disappointed with their disrespectful customer service agents. Additionally, having a terribly difficult return process policy as well as delayed shipping for international orders. One of the significant experiences stated by a customer is that after paying their orders, they will get no more stock notification after a few days. Thinking from a customer’s perspective. This is not right because the stocks on PacSun’s website should be regularly updated. Considering that the refund process could be difficult to request. Hence, this might just be an isolated case. And probably the company made some improvements for customer’s satisfaction experience.

PacSun Customer Reviews

Although, Pacsun is a great and exciting fashion brand for your favorite collection of bikinis for summer outfits. The brand also has some interesting modern stylish looks for its cold-weather outfits. Additionally, Pacific Sunwear has a wide range of great choices for urban streetwear and sportswear too. Customers are ensured with high-quality goods that certainly matches the worth for your budget.

Pacsun Customer Reviews Breakdown
Pacsun Customer Reviews Breakdown

However, like what we have previously mentioned. That some customers are not satisfied with their upsetting experience with the rude staff among their branch stores. As well as for bad customer service support for claims using their online shop. But, overall the best way is to purchase from a third-party retailer. So, you only deal with another supplier and let them handle, if there are issues with your purchase. Still, PacSun currently has an average of 7 plus customer reviews and ratings out of 10 stars.

Company Brand Collaboration

Below is the list of companies that have collaborated with PacSun to come up with new fashionable products. Some of which are iconic international brands that are known for prestige quality among their products. It is worth checking some of these special merchandise items from companies that chose to partner with the brand.

  • Essentials
  • Brandy Melville
  • Adidas
  • Champion
  • Guess
  • John Galt
  • Vans
  • Lottie Moss
  • Kendall and Kylie Jenner
  • Converse
  • The North Face
  • Me to We
  • Kappa
  • LA Hearts

PacSun Reward Points – MyGSOM (My Golden State of Mind}

The myGSOM REWARDS System is a sort of money back program. This scheme allows PacSun customers to earn points with every purchase. And then by completing a checklist of activities that earns you additional points. When you earn 1,250 points, you will receive a reward of 5 US dollars discount. You can apply it on your next Pacific Sunwear purchase either at a branch store or their online shop. Points will be deducted from your account in case of a refund or return. The deduction is applied upon the receipt of your return.

My Golden State Of Mind Mygsom
My Golden State Of Mind (Mygsom) Rewards Point

Your PacSun MyGSOM Reward Points will expire in 365 days of no activity. Meaning, no additional points are redeemed or earned under your account. But for as long as there is an activity, you can continue to accumulate points. Unfortunately, there is a limit for redeeming your points into discount coupon codes. Because only up to a reward of 25 US dollars can be redeemed within a 30-day period time frame. Reward certificates can only be used once and will not be credited back in the case of refunds and returns.

Promo Code Coupons for PacSun

Get the list of available Pacsun Promo Code Coupons based on your country. Because the company offers a wide variety of sale discounts and vouchers that are different for each country or type of customer. Most of their promotion deals are held every Black Friday sale. One of the basic PacSun’s promo code coupons is a 10% discount for first-time customers. Also, another 10 percent discount is given to their customers who are students. They offer no-cost shipping for total orders above 50 US dollars. Certain product types are also included in their list of no fee for delivery charge.

Promo Code Coupons For Pacsun
Promo Discount Pacsun

Official website

You can directly visit Pacsun’s official website by searching on Google which would calibrate the prices based on your country’s currency. This price match will take place after you access the PacSun Account Login. We recommend browsing their shopping site using a desktop browser for a better view of their product collection. Or you may also download their smartphone app to conveniently shop using your mobile phones.

Pacsun Application on Google Android and Apple App Store

With the increasing number of customers using mobile phones to shop. Pacsun application is now made available to the public. Using two popular smartphone software stores to particularly download their app to shop. First, for Android phones, you can download from Google Play App store.

You may also download the Pacsun App if you are using an iPhone through the Apple App Store. Registration of an account can be made through a browser or directly from the mobile application. Confirmation of email is required to make an order purchase and be eligible for a welcome discount coupon code.

Pacific Sunwear App Android Ios Iphone
Pacific Sunwear App Android Ios Iphone

Order Shipping and Payment Method

It will take about 5 to 8 business days using the Standard Shipping on the domestic address within America. While it can take up within 14 to 16 business days for international destinations under their other country list served.

PacSun AfterPay Installments

You must be over 18, a resident of the U.S. and meet additional eligibility criteria to qualify. Late fees apply. Estimated payment amounts shown on product pages exclude taxes and shipping charges, which are added at checkout.

PacSun Return Policy and Warranty

All product orders are under the customer satisfaction agreement. This PacSun Return policy pertains to if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days from your purchase. They will be allowed to offer a return and refund on the merchandise. Only for as long as the ordered product items are in their original unused good condition. Body jewelry and underwear are not eligible for return request. While swimwear may only be accepted for return if unworn. Provided that original tags are still intact and sanitary panels were not removed or damaged.

Fear of God product collection series, Rhuigi, and Bape Sunglasses cannot be returned for refund requests. So, you may only claim a store credit or coupon when returning the items. Please be advised that certain conditions apply so it is best to contact a PacSun customer service support agent first. They still have the right to accept or decline a return for a refund request based on conditions. There are two ways to return an order from Pacific Sunwear, this is either in-store or by mail. For a smooth return process, it is advised to present the original proof form of payment like a receipt.

PacSun Refund Time

The time for refunds to be credited back into your account could take up to 20 business days. Additionally, an automated email coming from PacSun will notify you once your refund has been issued. Please be informed that all refund credits are posted to the original form method of payment. For example, you cannot request credit card purchases to be refunded in cash. Also, please allow your bank some time for an additional 3 to 5 business days. This is the proximate refund time for the credits to be posted on your statement of account.

Return PacSun product via Store Near You

You can only return in-shop purchases at a branch store within 30 days from the date of purchase. So, you cannot return it by mail. Also, you are advised to bring the original proof of payment like receipt together with a government-issued ID for a no-hassle return request. You can only return an online purchase only if you paid it by debit or credit card. And have not used the payment method such as Paypal, AfterPay or Venmo during check out. A fee of 7 US dollars will be deducted on the total refund credits. With an exception, if the returned product is included in the list of items with a free return tag.

Return Pacsun Product Via Store Near You
Return Pacsun Product Via Store Near You
If returning without a receipt

Please note that only selected lists of PacSun items are eligible for returns. Also, gift receipts are not considered as original receipts. Therefore, being sorted under the category of returning products without a receipt. For in-store returns, you have the option to either exchange the item for another Pacific Sunwear merchandise. Or another option is to just refund the money, where the refund amount will be equal to the lowest selling price of the item over the past 30 days period.

Steps of returning PacSun merchandise without a receipt start once a staff asking you to fill out a form with the following details.

  1. Full Name as it appears on your government-issued photo ID or student ID.
  2. Your current residential address.
  3. Best contact number.
  4. Together with your signature.

Pacsun International Returns

If you wish to return an order which you bought online from PacSun’s Website. You are given a timeframe of 60 days from your purchase date to return the merchandise. Please note that you may shoulder the necessary return shipping fees under certain cases. The refund credits will be converted based on the current exchange rate if purchased using a different currency other than USD. Also, custom fees and taxes may be deducted on your total refund money that will be posted into your account. Refunds can take up to 20 business days, with an additional of 3 to 5 business days from your bank to post the credits.

PacSun Email Customer Service Contact Information

You may find everything you need to know like Pacsun’s phone number and email contact page. As well as other information on promos, products and policies through the link below.

Pacific Sunwear Email Customer Service Contact Information

History of How PacSun Started

The company brand of PacSun is a United States-based retail store. Most of their product collection is clothing brand and accessories. They are popular among the youth market or from the Millenials bracket, which has been a trend of lifestyle in California, USA. The company was founded and organized by Jack Hopkins and Tom Moore. While in September 1982, its humble beginnings started in a small surf shop in a local beach in California. Later on, it became popular and resulted in being a local most sought after brand.

Pacsun Bankruptcy

The brand company officially launched nationwide on March 15, 1993. The shops and store branches went over 1,300 branches in the entire country of the United States. Although they started strong, it was probably too advanced for the company to invest in expansion. Resulting in difficulty to handle expenses and filed for bankruptcy along the way. The reason for this is that other states did not favor the brand and its products quite well. Pacific Sunwear did not have the same results the same way it was popular along the beaches in California. So, in April of 2016, the active count for PacSun Shop and stores went down by more than half up to 605 branches.

While PacSun built its business selling merchandise from established surf brands along the coasts. But later on, they expanded to include gears for skating and urban streetwear collection. Consequently, Pacific Sunwear opened the second chain of stores called DEMO. Hence, another failure happened in the year 2000. As the last of these stores closed down in 2008. Despite these struggles, PacSun collaborated with iconic sisters, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner in 2012 to produce their own fashion line. Before these events, Gary Schoenfeld was promoted as the CEO of PacSun. Consequently, 8 years later, Schoenfeld left PacSun and James Gulmi took the role. In the year 2018, Pacific Sunwear made another collaboration with Eddie Bauer, to form PSEB. Now both brands are owned by Golden Gate Capital (GGC).

Pacsun Bankruptcy
Pacsun Bankruptcy

Is PacSun a Good Quality Brand?

Overall, PacSun has been around for quite a while since 1982. Being in the industry throughout the brand company, up and down moments. They still manage to stay in the business. This would not be possible without the support of their customers to continuously earn revenue to keep the business running. And the reason for that is that their customers have found a good high-quality product yet, fashionable and stylish to wear.

Not to mention that Pacific Sunwear product collection and brand merchandise have been embraced by the youth. We know for a fact on how picky the youths are nowadays. So, it only signifies how good PacSun is, in terms of good high quality and trendy style fashion look.

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