7 tips for freelance jobs for beginners

If you are looking to work from home, here are some of our 7 tips for freelance jobs for beginners. I also started working in a typical office where I had to wake up early, every morning. Every day, struggling to pass on the hassle and buzz of the metro traffic. So, you realize what I ended up doing? I stalked other freelance job writers. I visit their web sites on a daily basis to learn how they work. I observed their way of writing like on how to catch their reader’s attention. Now, I learned different skills. Being an SEO, Content Writer, Graphic Artist, Web Designer, Data Manager, Lead Specialist, and Telemarketer.

7 Tips For Freelance Jobs For Beginners
7 Tips For Freelance Jobs For Beginners

Also, the topic choices are what matters the most. However, you don’t need to do this on the daily terms as I did. You are open to pick your own schedule for as long as you learn something new. So, I am sharing what I learned when I was a newbie. By, publishing the list down here to help you apply them for yourself as a beginner. Or make your life easier as an entry-level freelance job hunter. Also, if you need to go over this list again. Just bookmark this page or you could share this with someone via our social media buttons.

Checklist on 7 Tips for Freelance Jobs

We listed the basic 7 Tips for Freelance Jobs to kickstart your career as a beginner or an entry-level employee. This is to help you that you don’t miss out on some things to consider if planning to pursue any of the popular freelance jobs today.

1. Prepare the documents you need

It is a basic requirement for any employer or company to ask for your personal identity. As well as any proof of your profile and educational background. But, make sure you do a background check to the person or company asking these documents. Because they may use it for fraudulent transactions. Which may lead you to a big trouble

Ready these required documents

  • Government IDs
  • School Records or Graduation Certificate (Diploma)
  • Bank Account Details (do not disclose or give out unless you are hired and have signed up a contract and your employer is legal to operate) 

Additional documents that may help on boosting your profile but not required.

  • Recommendation Letters (if available from Dean or Previous Employer)
  • Skills Certificate (acquired from seminars or events attended)
Prepare Documents Needed For Job Application
Prepare Documents Needed For Job Application

2. Gather up the Tools needed

Your technology gadgets are your main best friend and would serve as an investment to kickstart your career on any of the freelance jobs you have chosen.

  • PC or Laptop ( I prefer a laptop because it can be carried anywhere, not to mention the batteries in case of a power outage. 4GB to 8GB RAM depends on your job. )
  • Hi-Speed Cable Internet like DSL or Fiber Optic (take note that most companies prefer wired internet connection of at least 2Mbps upload and download speed)
  • Back up power source and internet connection (this is a common question from employers, so make sure to have spare batteries and a pocket prepaid WiFI)
  • HD Webcam (some freelance jobs may require face to face meeting or conference, so having a clear pixel camera is advisable)
  • Headset (some freelance jobs like telemarketers and customer rep requires call to chat or software phones)

3. Choose a Freelance job career

Since you have no experience yet. Start off, by cold pitching yourself. Offer companies that you see on Facebook or street ads looking for entry-level writers for example. As a suggestion, the 2 easiest freelance jobs are a content writer and virtual assistant. Now to start your career between these two, visit these links below.

Here are some sites to start your freelance jobs:

To further boost your profile, highlight some related jobs or skills you can relate to the current position you are applying for. So, for example, if you worked on a call center industry or as a customer service representative before. Then choosing as a Virtual Assistant would be a good preference. While, if you won a grammar or essay writing contest when you were in school or if you are a journalism graduate, a content writer is for you.

4. Skills to enhance

Almost all freelance jobs require a minimum typing speed of 40 WPM (words per minute). Since most of your time, you might be dealing with typing stuff throughout your shift. And companies would want someone to quickly get the job done.

Another skill you need to acquire is observation of details. Make sure that you leave no room for errors or mistakes, as this will gauge the quality of your work. Some companies use certain metrics that you need to meet. And some are very particular on details. Otherwise, it may leave you a bad impression if you are looking to be regularized as an employee. This is crucial in your 5th-month performance review appraisal.

Attentive listening is another key factor. Make sure you listen and understand the instructions or request taken from you. Do not be shy to ask further questions if something is not clear. Most employers are kind enough to answer all questions. Rather than pretend to understand and later on be scolded by your boss for doing the wrong thing.

5. Research the right salary

As a beginner or an entry-level on your chosen field among the freelance jobs. Make sure you don’t overprice in case an employer asks on what is your expected salary. At the same time, be sure not to bargain for your work with too low salary. So, my suggestion is to research the current average salary for employees based on the current demand.

6. Build your connections

It is important for employees of freelance jobs to build connections. This way, it would be easier for you to find referrals if your contract ends. Lucky for you if you are on a regular or full-time job. Most freelance jobs are on project-based or time-based contracts. Be sure to leave a good impression with every employer you have worked with. This way you would not get any bad feedback from them if you seek their recommendation at a later time.

7. Time management

If you want to earn more you can accept two jobs at the same time. For as long as you could handle both. So, these two jobs must be on a different schedule or at least an hour gap in between the two, just to avoid any conflicts of schedule. This way, you have enough time to rest and be ready for your next job.

Time Management And Relaxation
Time Management And Relaxation

Pros and Cons of a Freelancer

Every job has it’s positive and negative factors. So, consider checking them both, before deciding on what to do with your career path. Remember that whichever makes you happy to work on, is the best choice you’ll make. Because if you love the job that you’re doing. You will never feel forced to fulfill your work responsibilities.

7 Advantages & Benefits of Freelance Jobs

Some of the great advantages and benefits of freelance job employment are the following.

  • Work time is flexible depends on your preference
  • You can work even in the hotel room while on a Vacation trip
  • Higher net income salary because there is no tax deduction
  • Away from pollution and traffic outside the roads
  • Fewer expenses because preparing own food are cheaper
  • Can still work even if slightly ill
  • You don’t need to deal with co-workers with a bad attitude
Advantages Benefits And Disadvantages Drawbacks Of Freelance Jobs
Advantages Benefits And Disadvantages Drawbacks Of Freelance Jobs

7 Disadvantages & Drawbacks of Freelance Jobs

Take note of the downside or disadvantages and drawbacks of freelance job employment.

  • Difficulty in finding jobs if no connections and referrals
  • Less benefit like health insurance and social security contribution
  • Inconsistent revenue for contractual freelance jobs
  • Can be boring for some, when staying all day at home
  • Work can be interrupted during power outages
  • Unable to focus if you have a loud neighborhood
  • The risk of not getting paid for an overseas employer

Average starting salary

In most countries as of November of the year 2019. Especially third world countries like India, Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, Thailand, Jamaica and Peru. This is where most employers seek their workers due to a lower salary rate. The majority of the starting average salary for entry-level and beginners are being offered of about 2 US dollars per hour. An average of 40 work hours per week depends on the company’s needs. With that being said if we are to compute and calculate in a month. About 20 days or equivalent to 160 hours. That would be around 300 to 320 US dollars in a month’s earnings.

Average Starting Salary Of Freelance Jobs
Average Starting Salary Of Freelance Jobs

Thoughts about our 7 tips for freelance jobs for beginners

Honestly, working at home is practical and convenient. Away from traffic and pollution on the road. It is also a great way, especially for single parents to spend more time with their kids as they grow up. Finally, I suggest that you still voluntarily continue to pledge on government benefits. Like Social Security, Medical Health Insurance and House Fund Programs. Because there is no guarantee of how stable freelance jobs can be. It is a fallback just in case when you decided to retire with no investments.

We wish you good luck if you are determined to pursue a career in one of the in-demand freelance jobs today. Want to share your ideas and opinions about our 7 tips for freelance jobs for beginners? Feel welcome to leave your comment below. Check our other website articles at Apartments for Rent X Blog. Also, kindly share this with your family and friends on Facebook for a discussion. – apartmentsforrentx team.

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